The Link Between Nail Clippers And Well Being

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Watch How Something As Simple As a Nail Clipper Can Actually Be The Answer To Your Well-Being


For more than 100 years, the modern nail clipper has been used to keep in check a part of our body that grows throughout our lifetime – our nails. The act of cutting nails itself is tied into ancient history, with Greek and Roman artifacts indicating special knives and manicure sets which might have been used to groom the nails. As for the modern day version, it is not clear who was the actual inventor but the earliest patent for an improvement on the nail clipper was in 1875 (by Valentine Fogerty), which suggests that it quite possibly existed before then.

It is therefore evident that the need to manage nail growth has been an issue for mankind for a very long time. Studies show that fingernails in healthy adults grow at an average of 3 millimeters per month, while our toenails grow about 3 times slower, approximately 1 millimeter per month. At such a rate, the adult fingernail would get close to 1.5 inches if left to grow for a year. The rate is considerably higher in children.


The Link between Nail Clippers and Well-Being


Due to the myriad of activities that we do with our limbs, however, allowing our nails to grow to those levels is just not practical. From typing and cooking with our hands to jogging and wearing footwear with our feet, overgrown nails would not just hamper many activities, they would also be a hazard. Hence the importance of the nail clipper in keeping the nails at a manageable level. In that regard, high quality fingernail clippers (and toenail clippers), have become an almost indispensable tool in the lives of humans and it is not just on an aesthetic level. Nail clippers, although very simple tools, can also be tied to health and wellbeing, in men, women and children.

Reducing Germs

Our fingernails are hiding places for many different types of germs such as bacteria that can actually make us sick, according to researchers. And these bacteria can be pretty harmful, according to a study posted on the BBC website in 2007. This research also showed that significantly more men had harmful bacteria under their nails than women. This can possibly be explained by the fact that women make more frequent trips to the bathroom and are more likely to carry out activities such as washing which clean the fingernails. Also, people who bite their fingernails often have less germs under their nails, but only because they swallow most of the organisms by sticking their nails in their mouth. Fingernail clippers, when used correctly to keep nails at a manageable level, reduce the need for nail biting and decreases the surface area for the accumulation of harmful bacteria and other organisms which may cause illnesses in humans. Clipping nails, however, does not discount the need for regular hand washing.


The Link between Nail Clippers and Well-Being


Preventing Ingrown Nails

Ingrown nails are linked to wearing improper footwear, inherited (hereditary) conditions or improper trimming of the nails. Athletes are the main sufferers but regular people often get it as well. It is a painful affliction and when left untreated, can lead to infection of the nail bed and the toe itself. Using suitable nail clippers to correctly trim toenails, reduces the occurrence of ingrown nails and possible infection. According to experts, the correct way to trim the toenails and prevent them from becoming ingrown, is straight across and not rounded.

Prevent Breaking Nails

Allowing nails to grow is considered attractive, particularly for females. However, many women who grow their nails often suffer from brittle nails which often break. Although proper nutrition is the best way to treat brittle nails, not allowing the nail to grow past a certain level is also an effective way to reduce the chance of breaking them. The truth is, even if the nails are pretty strong, allowing them to grow out of proportion is not only unattractive but also increases the risk for them to get trapped in car doors, bang against hard surfaces or get caught in clingy fabric, all of which can result in nasty breaks. Breaking can also lead to infections of the nail, so trimming them with a nail clipper to keep them at an individually accepted level is very important. It is also useful to use nail hardeners for brittle nails in addition to eating foods rich in protein, folic acid and zinc.


The Link between Nail Clippers and Well-Being


Boosting Self-Esteem

The link between appearance and self-esteem is undeniable. That is the single biggest factor why the beauty industry rakes in billions of dollars every year. Hair, nails, skin, complexion, weight and even shape are issues which people continuously try to alter throughout their lives in order to feel better about themselves. As it relates to nails, it is the main reason why women paint them and wear acrylics and why more men are getting manicures and pedicures, activities which were previously considered to be primarily feminine.

Yet, with all the money being spent on grooming nails, while not being unnecessary, a simple act of cutting one’s nails with a quality nail cutting tool can dramatically enhance one’s appearance, especially for men. Women are more likely to be attracted to a man with clean, well-groomed fingernails compared to one who has crappy nails. They see this as an indication of his overall cleanliness and can mean the difference between him getting lucky and his number being scratched (no pun intended) from her contact list.


The Link between Nail Clippers and Well-Being


Reducing the Consequences of Scratching

This mainly relates to children and men who tend to scratch a lot. As mentioned before, the nails are a haven for germs, many of which can cause harm once they get inside the human body. The act of scratching is carried out primarily by the fingernails and is a reaction to an irritation or other stimuli. If nails are tall, the chances of spreading germs to the irritated part of the body is quite high, especially if they are sharp or jagged, which may also result in tearing of the skin. Trimming nails with a sharp, clean nail clipper keeps them at a level where they can’t harbor a lot of germs which may cause infections. Young children especially are exposed to more germs on average and are more likely to scratch intensely from ailments such as eczema. Properly cut nails decreases the chances of causing injury to the skin and transporting germs into their bodies or to other parts of the body.

The link between maintaining good health and hygiene and the proper use of nail clippers, is undeniable. This is evidenced by the fact that people are constantly on the hunt for the best, ergonomic and sharp nail clippers, with their choices being based on quality, comfort and overall ease of use. These factors are particularly important to persons with other health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other issues.