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Are you fighting a cold or feeling low on energy? Check out this list of 5 of the best foods to eat when you’re sick with a cold or flu. These time-tested remedies can provide various levels of relief to help you get back on your feet and feeling better faster — give them a shot!

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8 Simple Ways To Be Healthier

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Learn the eight simple ways you can be healthier

1 – Coconut Sugar

8 Simple Ways To Be Healthier

Refined white sugar has no nutritional value and can spike your body’s blood sugar
Sub that in for coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is derived from the sap of the coconut and contains iron, calcium, zinc and potassium.

2 – Sweet Potatoes

8 Simple Ways To Be Healthier

Potatoes are mostly fine for you but if you wanna pack a nutritious punch then opt for sweet potatoes. They’re high in vitamin A, are believed to improve heart health and help control blood sugar.

3 – Brown Rice

8 Simple Ways To Be Healthier

White rice is refined brown rice that’s been stripped of it’s nutrients. Brown rice on the other hand is rich in antioxidant and magnesium.

4 – Almond Butter

8 Simple Ways To Be Healthier

Peanut butter can be good for you but almond butter is richer in heart-healthy fats, vitamin E and fiber. Nut and seeds butters can also sub for actual butter on your bread.

5 – Mash Avocados

8 Simple Ways To Be Healthier

Mayonnaise is high in calories. So use mash avocados which are high and good unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals.

6 – Lettuce Bun

8 Simple Ways To Be Healthier

Many breads are loaded in carbs. So, opt for a lettuce bun instead of a regular bun for your burgers

7 – Brown Rice or Whole Wheat Tortillas

8 Simple Ways To Be Healthier

Ditch heavily processed tortillas for brown rice or whole wheat tortillas which are low carb and high in fiber.

8 – Greek Yogurt

8 Simple Ways To Be Healthier

A lot of yogurts are high in sugars. Switch to greek yogurts which is high in protein and can be a great substitute for fats and creams

And remember to eat plenty of fruits and veggies. But if you’re going to eat junk, do it in moderation