Quick and Easy Makeup When Running Late For School

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make up 7

There will be days that you will wake up late and you will only have few minutes to prepare! Here are some make up essentials that you should have in order to have a quick and easy make up before going to school.

1. Put a small amount of Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB cream on your face which is enough to cover all your blemishes and uneven skin tones including your neck.

make up 1

2. Use Lolli tint by benefit then blend it on your cheeks giving you a natural and pinkish blush.

make up 2

3. Use Mastershape by Eyestudio to fill in your eyebrows.

make up 3

4. Putting a liquid eyeliner on your upper lids make your eyes bigger and noticeable.

make up 4

5. Don’t forget to wear mascara by Make up Forever!

make up 5

6. Lastly, finish your make up with a butter gloss by Nyx.

make up 6


Watch the full video below courtesy of BeyondBeautyStar.