Qualities To Look For When Buying Glass Water Bottle

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When searching for a glass water bottle for the first time, there are some important facts to remember when shopping.  Not all glass bottles are created equal, some are not as eco-friendly as others.  The build quality is very important, don’t just choose your glass water bottle based on aesthetics.

How to pick a great glass water bottle

The first category to look at when choosing your first glass water bottle is how durable the glass is for everyday use.  You want your investment to last as long as possible.  Accidents can happen, but it should still hold up to minor spills and be completely dishwasher-safe.

Next, it is highly recommended that you purchase a glass water bottle that comes with its own carrying case or sleeve to prevent slipping out of your hand.  Don’t just go for the bottles that have the carrying handle at the top.  We like grips like the Exhilarate Glass Water Bottle easy silicone grip, as they are not porous and will not harbor bacteria like other materials.

Lastly, the bottle’s cap will be another important detail to study.  How it screws on and how it incorporates straws will be important for preventing unwanted messes or leaks.  Some brands don’t accommodate straws very well or leave them out of the equation altogether.

Say goodbye to plastic

Once you own your first glass water bottle, you’ll be kicking yourself for not buying one sooner.  For one, everything tastes so much better.  You’ll be making your morning joe and preferring to drink out of the comfortable, unadulterated container of a glass water bottle and then easily rinsing it out to get your favorite workout beverage, whether it’s simply some ice, cold water or a protein smoothie.  Gym rats love it when you don’t have to sweat the clean-up after each session.

No matter what you choose though, you’ll be helping the environment, considering that most glass bottles will be using mostly recycled materials, on top of being biodegradable.  In reality, you’ll be saving a ton of money from switching to glass bottles, even if you grab one of the expensive fancy ones.  You could easily spend $50 a month if you’re active like me.  You can’t reuse those either, not only does your water taste like plastic, you’re just asking to get sick from bacteria harboring in the plastic.  So, do yourself a favor and go glass water bottle shopping, get serious about your and the planet’s health!