Essential Oils

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Allergic reactions can be brought on by the seasonal changes, pollens, dust and a number of other reasons. Why are some people more susceptible...
clay mask

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Have you tried using various facial masks before, but it does not get rid of your oily skin and acne? Though, there are lots...
Multivitamin Men

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Vitamins and minerals are important for the growth and general functioning of the body.  These micronutrients, as Nutritionists call them, act in various ways...
Can Juice Cleanse Be Your Healthy Gateway?

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Juice cleanse has become so popular thanks entirely to celebrities and the mainstream media for featuring such type of cleansing program for health. It...
How Vital Is Water To Your Health.

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Water is an integral part of why life is present on earth, that in fact, when scientists explore other planets in the solar system,...
the health benefits of biking

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The bicycle bandwagon is here; and you are probably one of the many who have jumped into this new healthy lifestyle activity. The rising number of people you see on the streets who are biking instead of using their motorized vehicle is an indication that there are growing numbers of health conscious individual who have seen the health benefits that biking provides.
What this baby can do at just three days old will blow your mind away.

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Little Ammra has stunned both doctors and her mother by being able to hold her bottle at just three days old. Her mother Onyi...
Jump Rope Cardio Workout: Examining The Benefits Of Cardiovascular Workout.

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For the next decade, the goal of the AHA (American Hear Association) is to “…by 2020, improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20%, while reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke by 20%.”
All about jumping rope to lose weight

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Being overweight or obese isn't a superficial problem. Approximately 25.8 million people in the United States (nearly 10% of the population) have diabetes.
5 surprising harmful effets of using too much maekeup

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Every woman loves to look and feel good. Billions of women around the world cannot leave the house without applying some form of cosmetic/make-up to their body, whether it be perfume,lipstick/lip-gloss, foundation etc. But are they aware of the harmful effects these products can have on their skin due to continuous use.