How Many Shakeology in a Scoop


Shakeology is a product manufactured by BeachBody that can be used as a meal replacement; it is packed with protein and is famous in many parts of the world. It is a delicious powdery diet that is made into shakes. It helps the body stay healthy; it also supports blood sugar level and improves energy levels when it is consumed.

For consumers residing in USA and Canada, this product can be purchased directly from its manufacturer, Beachbody. Any individual outside of this two countries can buy Shakeology from the manufacturer’s website;

It is important to know what to expect from this product in order to understand its benefits, Shakeology comes in a pack with a scoop inside the powder-like content. The scoop is like a mini cup with a long handle and anyone would love this nutritious delicious meal replacement. It comes in a variety of flavor and every ounce contributes sizeable nutrients to the body.

Different flavors give different nutrient levels; for example, the chocolate shakeology gives 48 grams while the green berry shakeology gives 40 grams. The average the product provides the body is 48grams per scoop.Each bag of shakeology contains 30 scoops of Shakeology but every pack has its own nutritious benefits.

Shakeology is a great product and anyone that wants to stay fit and healthy will love it. This product is an excellent meal replacement and if you want to keep fit and healthy, takes shakeology today.

Three Apps for Relaxing and Meditation

The New York Times

Mindfulness training has arrived on the smartphone.
Three apps help motivate you to meditate and teach you new techniques.
Apps for Meditation
1. Calm

Calm is a guided meditation app that contains a number of tracks where a spoken voice leads you certain meditation ideas.
Sit down, relax and listen to lead your mind in calm state.
2. Headspace

Another similar guided meditation is Headspace that uses a spoken voice instruction in British.
Free app contains 10 meditation courses which you shall listen to every 10 days
If you stick to your meditation habits the app will reward you with some extras like cute animations.
3. Happier

Designed to find a moment of happiness in a busy day, Happy app acts like a gratitude journal.
It is a place where you jot down notes and pictures that made you happy that particular day.
Apps for Meditation

Lime, lemon and cucumber infused water for Detox

Lemon, lime, and cucumber infused (detox) water is easy and healthy. The lemon and lime help your body fight infection, cleanse your kidneys, reduce inflammation, and prevent bloating. The cucumber helps your skin and lowers your blood pressure. The best thing is that it’s really tasty. What a great way to get your required water intake every day and enjoy it. Watch the video and give it a try.

  1. Cut Lime into five thick slices

D_12. Cut Lemon into five slices


3. Cut cucumber into eight slices


4. Drop the lime, lemon and cucumber and add ice cubes.




5. Fill with water and chill right after.

D_6 D_7

6. Drink to detox



Simple Hacks Every Runner Should Know

Simple Hacks Every Runner Should Know

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Discover some awesome hacks that every runner should know.


Banana Smoothie

Simple Hacks Every Runner Should Know

To help prevent muscle cramps


Simple Hacks Every Runner Should Know

To help increase your endurance

Don’t have pockets?

Use Your Shoe Laces to Hold Keys

Simple Hacks Every Runner Should Know

Make A Custom Phone Holder

Simple Hacks Every Runner Should Know

With a cool sock, scissors, iPod/phone
Step1: Fold the sock
Make sure your phone can fit in the fold
Step2: Cut off end
Step3: Pull half of the sock inside

Need a grip for your water?

Simple Hacks Every Runner Should Know

Grab another sock
Put your water bottle into the sock
Fold the end back down
Put your hand inside and the bottle will stick to you

Trick your body into running faster

Simple Hacks Every Runner Should Know

Focus on an object in your path
You’ll reach the object faster and feel less tired

Sore feet after a run?

Simple Hacks Every Runner Should Know

Use a tennis ball to massage your foot
Stick the tennis ball in the freezer first for added relief

Simple Hacks Every Runner Should Know

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Fitness Bands

Fitness Band

Investing in a good set of fitness bands is a great way to get into shape. You can use them to build muscle, lose fat, and increase your overall flexibility. The right bands can be used with a yoga routine so that you stretch and work your muscles at the same time. They can also increase the intensity of a Pilates workout so it’s more effective. They’re compact and lightweight which gives you convenience and the ability to take them as you travel.

When you buy a new set of Top Dog’s fitness bands ,you want to ensure you get the most out of them and use them for the best and most effective workout. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time no matter how you use them! Consider these simple tips in this regard.

1. Imitate real-life movements.

One advantage that workout bands have over weights and machines is that they allow you to imitate real-life movements. When you use a workout machine you can’t imitate your tennis serve or golf swing to build the muscles you use for these activities. However, when you use bands you can do the exact movements with the bands tucked under a foot or attached to a door.

Take advantage of this by imitating real-life movements when using your fitness bands. If you play tennis, tuck a band under your foot and hold the other end and imitate a serve or backhand swing. For golfers, attach one end to a door and hold the other end while you practice your golf swing. Do the same for swinging a baseball bat, chopping wood, or any other activity you may do regularly.

2. Combine them with other workout routines.

If you’re going to take the time to do yoga or a Pilates routine, use your bands at the same time. This builds and tones muscles while working on your flexibility. When you do this you won’t need to take hours out of your day to perform both routines. You may also find that both routines are more effective since you’re working your muscles deeply when you perform either a yoga or Pilates routine using your fitness band. Your muscles will be more challenged than if you performed any of these routines separately, resulting in firmer muscles in a short time.

3. Increase the resistance levels.

As with any workout routine, you need to be consistently increasing the challenge in order for your workout with bands to be more effective. Don’t use the same bands over and over but be sure you invest in higher resistance levels overall and use stronger quality fitness bands from sellers such as Top Dog. This will keep your muscles challenged and toned. You’ll also burn more calories this way and in turn, will lose more weight in less time.

6 Reasons Why Athletes Should Be Using Synthetic Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Tape

As athletes, the chances of picking up injuries are always high. What with the plenitude of hazards and risk factors they are faced with, either from competition or during training and even from lack thereof. When these injuries happen, they need to be properly treated so that the athlete can bounce back as quickly as possible to doing what he or she does best.

One of the most popular items used in the treatment of injuries such as strains, sprains, aching muscles and joint injuries, is what is known as kinesiology or kinesio tape. Warrior – Tape kinesiology tape is no ordinary tape in that it helps to support weakened or injured muscles and joints while increasing blood flow to the affected area. This helps to relieve pain and reduce the symptoms associated with the affected area while speeding up recovery time. However, with a myriad of different kinesio tapes available on the market, athletes are often confused as to what kind they should get, whether synthetic or natural. While using those made from cotton might seem to be more suitable to some persons, the best synthetic kinesiology tapes come with several distinct advantages. If you are an athlete, a weekend warrior or fitness enthusiast, you may want to pay close attention to the rest of this document to see why you should be using synthetic kinesiology tape for your injury treatment and prevention needs.

  1. Water Resistant:Most synthetic kinesiology tape brands are made with a water-repelling material which means the user does not have to remove it each time they get into the shower or have to do hydrotherapy. On top of that, the adhesives they are made with are also water resistant so that it stays in place under wet or damp conditions. As a result, they are even good for swimmers who often spend a lot of time in the pool, whether during competition or rehabilitation. With the reassurance that the tape won’t fall off due to water exposure, athletes may be motivated to perform even better or push themselves harder, especially since some synthetic kinesiology tapes are so comfortable that they make the user forget that they are actually wearing it. Additionally, the water-repelling materials of high quality, synthetic kinesiology tapes dry very quickly so there’s no lingering wet feeling after you have left the pool or shower.
  2. Highly Adhesive:In addition to being water resistant, the adhesive used with some of the best synthetic kinesiology tape are often super strong so that the tape stays in place. When made with these types of adhesive, the tape can be used in all types of training and competitive scenarios without risk of it coming off or becoming loose.
  3. Strong, Flexible and Resilient:The human body is highly flexible, hence the numerous events that we partake in from track and field to gymnastics. Bodybuilders, fitness buffs and even dancers also use their limbs in very flexible ways. When using kinesio tape for any injury or discomfort, a strong, flexible and resilient tape is also needed. Suitable synthetic kinesiology tapes offer a high level of flexibility for an array of different movements, yet remain super strong. So, whether you are stretching, skipping, jumping or even bending, the kinesio tape will adjust to your muscle movements and stay in place while offering the support you need.
  4. Highly Durable: The best synthetic kinesiology tapes are made with high quality materials that have strong fibers which won’t tear or lose elasticity even under the most strenuous conditions. On top of that, while the average time that many cotton kinesio tapes are expected to last is usually 3 – 5 days, high quality synthetic versions may last up to 7 days. This is from continuous wear by the way, since most cotton kinesio tapes cannot be worn continuously due to them not being water resistant. In other words, the user has to keep removing it during the period it is being worn for but with the synthetic type, they just leave it on until its time is up.
  5. Cost Effective: To begin with, while prices may vary, many synthetic kinesiology tapes are in a similar price range per roll. However, due to the fact that they are more durable, they will more often than not work out less expensive. This can be looked at from several angles. One is the fact that they will stay in place longer so the user will require less rolls of tape over a comparable period of time. On top of that, they often provide better support to affected areas due to their ability to conform and stay comfortable, thereby speeding up the recovery process and limiting continued use of the tape. Finally, since the best synthetic kinesiology tapes are waterproof and latex-free, it is more likely for the user to get maximum use from them, wherein cotton kinesio tapes may have to be replaced before, if they come in contact with moisture.
  6. More Versatile:Since injuries, pains and aches can affect practically anywhere on the body, a kinesiology tape should be able to suit all these possibilities. Synthetic kinesiology tapes which are superior in design can be used to support almost any area of the body that might require such support. This includes the back and shoulder, ankles, knees, feet, thighs, elbows…basically anywhere that a joint or muscle is located.

If you are an athlete or have an active lifestyle, you are definitely prone to injury as you probably already found out. In handling these, you need the best kinesiology tape that money can buy to help you get back on track and on top of your game. No doubt, a synthetic type is the best way to go.

The Ten Benefits You Get When You Use Exercise Bands

Exercise bands

With the dawning of resistance bands in the exercise arena, other small gym equipment are slowly being put in the backseat. Gone are the days when many exercise and fitness enthusiasts would pack their homes with big and bulky gym sets such as a treadmill, dumbbell sets, or even stationary bikes, just so they can exercise their body.

The presence of exercise bands from Top Dog has empowered people who cannot afford to buy the expensive gym equipment, but still want to exercise. Affordability and effectiveness are the premier factors why the bands are very good to have. Compared to other gym equipment, the prices of the bands are only one-third to even one-tenth of their costs. This gives many people an opportunity to get them.

Second – Versatility allows the exercisers to use and target small muscle groups compared to when they’re just using weights or running the treadmill.

Third – The bands, apart from targeting small muscle groups, can engage the core muscles of the abdomen. When you work with the bands, it’s like you’re being pulled in one direction, and the muscles of your abdomen contract to keep you stable.

Fourth – The bands can be used anywhere you go. The band can easily fit in your bag, so there’s no reason you can’t exercise on your vacation or even on your business trip.

Fifth – The bands can be used by anyone. Whether you are just joining the fitness craze or you are already an advance exerciser, the bands will surely help you with your goals. The different resistance levels of the bands allow you to become versatile and creative in mixing the levels of resistance to suit your desire.

Sixth – The bands are very simple to use, and you do not need a lot of instruction manuals to use it. You don’t need to memorize steps, as long as you know the basics and have an idea of how the bands really function to help you tone your body, and then you are good with it.

Seventh – The exercise bands let you mimic real life movements so that you will never be bored when you exercise. You can copy swings from golf, rowing when you do kayaking or even dribbling.

Eight – It offers you a great opportunity to work out.

Ninth – The bands are sturdy and will not leave you feeling horrified that you purchased the item and can’t keep up with the intensity of your workout.

Tenth – The exercise bands allow you to have fun while exercising. You are given more leeway to do what you want with the bands, so you have only the limits of your imagination when you use it. This capacity of the bands gives you independence when you work out. It will keep away the dull moments whenever you want to tone your muscles. This is what separates the band from other exercise equipments.

Knee Brace: How To Care For Your Injured Knee The Right Way

Knee Brace

Whether you are an athlete or not, it is highly likely that you will suffer a knee injury of some sort during the course of your life. From strains and sprains to abrasions and even wounds, the knee joint is susceptible to a number of injuries that can render you immobile. When this happens, extra attention must be given to the affected knee in order to prevent further damage and promote speedy recovery. However, caring for an injured knee is a process that must be managed properly and in the right way in order to achieve the best results. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Practice RICE:The first thing to do upon getting a knee injury is to follow the RICE steps which are popular with athletes. The acronym stands for Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate and outlines the steps to follow in dealing with fresh injuries, whether it’s a simple bruise or a suspected muscle tear.

–        Resting involves immediately stopping the activity that you were involved in and sitting or lying down to take pressure off the affected knee. It helps to also support the affected area with a pillow or cushion during the resting period.

–        Icing the area often helps to reduce pain and swelling and thereby, reducing discomfort that can result from the injury. Place an ice pack on the knee for between 10 – 20 minutes and repeat this process at least 3 times for the day or until the swelling subsides.

–        Compression of the injured knee requires the use of a suitable knee brace from G7 – Solutions that can help to provide support to the affected joint in addition to the surrounding muscles and tissue. Among the best knee braces to use is a compression knee sleeve, especially one that is copper-infused. With spandex for stretchiness, these knee braces not only help to keep the injured knee comfortable but also aids in the reduction of pain and swelling and keeps away bacteria if the skin is broken.

–        Elevating the injured knee can begin anytime during the application of the RICE method to speed up the reduction of swelling and promote blood flow to the affected area. The leg should be kept at above the level of the heart but not too high. This way, it stays in a comfortable position until you are able to move again. During elevation, the injured knee may be massaged gently to further enhance the effect.

  1. Seek Medical Help: While not every knee injury requires medical assistance, there are several signs to look for to know if you should after applying the RICE method. For one, if the swelling refuses to subside after two days of treatment or if the joint becomes hard to move, this might indicate a more serious problem that requires medical intervention to correct. Another thing to look for is if there is discoloration such as the leg and/or knee becoming pale or blue or if there are signs of infection developing. Finally, if the symptoms persist or get worse, you should definitely go to see the doctor in order to prevent the condition from getting to a point where it is out of control.
  2. Do Light Exercises: Once the injury is under control and there is no swelling or excessive pain, you should turn to light exercises in order to slowly ease the knee back into regular activity. Depending on the level of injury being recovered from, this can take some time. Wearing a suitable knee brace, however, can help to speed up the process as it will reduce the pain and discomfort faster and provide support to the knee as you do light stretches. It will also help to promote blood flow to the area while preventing the possibility of infection, further enhancing the speed of recovery. During this rehabilitative stage, avoid high impact exercises such as skipping, playing tennis or running until all discomfort is gone.
  3. Take Medication as Prescribed: If you were given medication and/or supplements by your doctor, be sure to take all as prescribed to fully maximize the benefits. Not completing your dosage may lead to the injury not getting better completely and keep you ‘lamed up’ for much longer than you want to be.
  4. Practice Proper Nutrition: Eating right is also very important to the recovery process as the injured area may require an intake of certain nutrients in order to help boost the recovery process. Eating a balanced diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals will certainly be great as is taking supplements containing glucosamine, omega-3 fatty acids and chondroitin. These substances have been shown to help relieve discomfort resulting from minor knee injuries so you should definitely be increasing your intake of these.

Taking care of an injured knee the right way is not hard but should be done carefully in order to reap the best results. Once the knee is better, preventative measures should also be looked into to prevent future damage to the knees. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a high quality knee brace like the one from G7 – Solutions that can be worn from time to time to help support the muscles and knee when attempting strenuous training activities or sports. That way, your knee and muscles will be supported and help to ward off future injuries.

Qualities To Look For When Buying Glass Water Bottle

glass water bottle

When searching for a glass water bottle for the first time, there are some important facts to remember when shopping.  Not all glass bottles are created equal, some are not as eco-friendly as others.  The build quality is very important, don’t just choose your glass water bottle based on aesthetics.

How to pick a great glass water bottle

The first category to look at when choosing your first glass water bottle is how durable the glass is for everyday use.  You want your investment to last as long as possible.  Accidents can happen, but it should still hold up to minor spills and be completely dishwasher-safe.

Next, it is highly recommended that you purchase a glass water bottle that comes with its own carrying case or sleeve to prevent slipping out of your hand.  Don’t just go for the bottles that have the carrying handle at the top.  We like grips like the Exhilarate Glass Water Bottle easy silicone grip, as they are not porous and will not harbor bacteria like other materials.

Lastly, the bottle’s cap will be another important detail to study.  How it screws on and how it incorporates straws will be important for preventing unwanted messes or leaks.  Some brands don’t accommodate straws very well or leave them out of the equation altogether.

Say goodbye to plastic

Once you own your first glass water bottle, you’ll be kicking yourself for not buying one sooner.  For one, everything tastes so much better.  You’ll be making your morning joe and preferring to drink out of the comfortable, unadulterated container of a glass water bottle and then easily rinsing it out to get your favorite workout beverage, whether it’s simply some ice, cold water or a protein smoothie.  Gym rats love it when you don’t have to sweat the clean-up after each session.

No matter what you choose though, you’ll be helping the environment, considering that most glass bottles will be using mostly recycled materials, on top of being biodegradable.  In reality, you’ll be saving a ton of money from switching to glass bottles, even if you grab one of the expensive fancy ones.  You could easily spend $50 a month if you’re active like me.  You can’t reuse those either, not only does your water taste like plastic, you’re just asking to get sick from bacteria harboring in the plastic.  So, do yourself a favor and go glass water bottle shopping, get serious about your and the planet’s health!

3 Rationales to Convince You to Buy Resistance Bands Set

Resistance Bands set

You may have seen them everywhere or probably heard your fitness conscious friends talking about them. They are often seen being used by celebrities, and have flooded stores and gyms. Yes, resistance bands have been dominating the world, and many people are stunned at the effectiveness of such an amazing item, but what exactly are resistance bands?

What benefits will you get from using the product to help you exercise your body? Do you really get benefits from using the product instead of buying and using gym equipment? These questions regarding resistance bands can be answered with three adjectives that best describes it: multi-functional, easy to use, and budget friendly.

Being multi-functional is what made the resistance bands set from Cayman Fitness Products gain its popularity over other gym equipment. You only tone and exercise your biceps and triceps when you buy a dumbbell. You only burn off calories without properly targeting and toning your muscles when you get a skipping rope, and you only shave off calories and tone your legs and muscles when you get a treadmill.

However, when you buy resistance bands, you can use it to target and tone different muscle groups in your body, such that you also lose calories and fats in the process. Whether you want to focus on toning your biceps, or your legs, or even your abs, you can do it all without purchasing different small exercise equipment. They can all be done with the resistance bands.

While many gym equipment requires you to read the manual about using the equipment properly, for example, you need to be familiar with the many buttons of a treadmill to help you use it, the resistance bands set is very easy to use. All you have to do is combine different bands for different levels of resistance (which depends on your liking) and perform a specific set of exercise such as rowing, squatting or doing some lateral raises to target specific muscle groups. This effective means of targeting the muscles can be done by repetitively by doing at least 12 to 15 sets.

No other gym equipment is as multifunctional, and as affordable as the resistance bands. The product is provides just about the same level of exercise as most small gym equipment. Purchasing gym equipment requires you to get two or more different products so that one equipment will work on a particular muscle, while the other exercise item work on another muscle. With the resistance bands, it is capable of targeting different muscle groups.

These resistance bands set is truly the exercise piece for every fitness conscious individuals. The bands are a gift to those who do not have the time to hit the gym, because they lead a busy life. The bands are lightweight, and can easily be taken around. That is why it is a favourite exercise equipment for many people. The popularity of the resistance bands has put most small gym equipment in the backseat, because it has taken over.