Benefits of a Mouth Guard

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A mouth guard provides for the teeth and jaw the same level of protection a helmet provides for the head during work or a contact sport such as football. According to, “More than 5 million teeth are avulsed each year due to sports injuries and trauma, and in certain cases these avulsions can be attributed to the absence of a mouth guard or to improperly fabricated and fitted mouth guards. Not only do mouth guards protect the teeth, but they also protect the head against a blow to the jaw that can result in a concussion and loss of consciousness.”

Medical professionals, especially dentists recommend the use of mouth guards. While athletes and those who engage in certain types of recreational sports commonly use them, the devices are also highly effective for other dental procedures such as whitening the teeth and protecting braces and other dental fixtures. There are different types of mouth guards, but the benefits derived from using them are generally the same. Some are more effective than others, of a superior quality and overall offers more value for the dollar. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you use the right mouth guard.

General Benefits of Using a Mouth Guard

Mouth guards generally help to prevent serious injuries such as jaw fractures, brain hemorrhages, neck injuries and loss of consciousness. When the mouthpiece is in place and an individual receives a blow to the head – for example a vertical blow to the chin – or any other section of the body that causes the head to snap violently, the device prevents the lower jaw from colliding with the upper jaw, which could then lead to any of those injuries. Mouth guards also protect the soft tissue of the oral cavity surrounding the teeth, therefore preventing individuals from suffering lacerations and bruising to the lips and cheeks. The devices effectively:

  • Protect the teeth at night – for those who tend to grind their teeth while sleeping.
  • Prevent laceration and bruising during collision by acting as a shield to the soft tissues of the lips, the cheeks and the teeth.
  • Prevent dislocation or fracture of your teeth by cushioning them from direct frontal blows. The mouth guard redistributes the force of the impact, therefore reducing the likelihood you will suffer tooth trauma as well as bruises and cuts to your tongue, cheeks or lips.
  • Protect opposing teeth from seismic contact with each other
  • Protect the gums and teeth of children, especially to those who are wearing removable types of orthodontic appliances.
  • Absorb the force of a blow to the lower portion of the jaw, therefore reducing the risks of concussion problems.
  • Protects your teeth during the night, while playing sports or while you’re engaged in any other activity.
  • Provide a psychological benefit while playing sports. Studies show that athletes tend to feel more confident and assertive when they know they have proper protection.

Mouth guards that are of a high quality, such as the one from  ProDental will have their own added benefits. The mouth guards from ProDental are very durable, odorless, tasteless, and tear-resistant, with the big plus being that they are BPA free.  They contain no toxic substances and are therefore not harmful to your health. These are among the top devices to be found on, receiving the enviable 5-star ratings from customers. The company is presently offering the product at a discounted price.

One customer indicated in his review that aside from providing an excellent product, ProDental’s after sale customer care service is excellent, “I find The ProDental 3 in 1 Mouth Guard is a good looking product which was easy to mold to my teeth using the hot water instructions provided. It fit my teeth perfectly without any trimming needed. It is very comfortable to wear all night without any teeth grinding or slippage. After removing the mouth piece, I find my mouth is a free of any irritations of any type. The mouth guard is very easy to clean with a soft toothbrush and common hand soap and a water rinse. Also, this company supplies excellent service after the sale. I highly recommend this mouth guard and company.”