5 Ways You Would Never Think Of Using Coconut Oil

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Treat Yourself to 5 Ingenious Ways Of Using Coconut Oil You Will Never Forget!

This Will Become a Part Of Your Daily Routine Right After You Watch How To Own These Tips

It’s time for us to get educated about health not only for our bodies on the inside but also on the outside. Every nook and cranny of the human body should be attended to in every way possible such as our skin, hair and nails etc. If you spend your time looking for something that has multi-purpose uses, then you may want to check out coconut oil that we take for granted, dismiss or only use for cooking. So just how exactly is coconut oil a life-saver?

1. Use It For Your Insides

5 Ways You Would Never Think Of Using Coconut Oil

Would you consider drinking coconut oil? then you may want to revamp and check out  important this oil is for your insides. That’s right, taking coconut oil internally. A heaping tablespoonful will work well with salads or you can ingest it with tea. This is highly recommended for aiding the digestion process, skin and hair. It basically serves as a beauty elixir for your insides. You can take it with any of your favorite herbal tea; this is not limited to peppermint.

2. Use It For a Clean Shave

5 Ways You Would Never Think Of Using Coconut Oil

Save money on shaving creams, artificial chemicals and foam. Go natural and straight from the sourcing by using coconut oil when shaving. It supports your skins resistance to irritation and moisturizes your skin well since it’s an all natural oil. It can be used as a pre-shave or a post shave for a clean shave. Have real smooth skin and not the ‘smooth skin effect’. Treat your skin to this amazing new way of shaving which is cost effective and much more safe.

3. Use as Hair Treatment

5 Ways You Would Never Think Of Using Coconut Oil

Use a teaspoon to a tablespoon of coconut oil depending on how thin you hair is. Apply to your hair from roots to end to ensure maximum coverage. Massage into scalp and hair and a circular motion in order to increase blood flow to the hair root follicles. This also helps to activate and boosts scalp potential of absorbing the oil. Comb through with a wide tooth comb and large bristle brush as seen. Wrap in a bun overnight.

4. Use as a Moisturizer

5 Ways You Would Never Think Of Using Coconut Oil

One of the best ways to use coconut oil and any other oil for that matter is for moisturizing your skin. Avoid perfumed and artificially manufactured lotions and start saving money by using natures finest. You can also use it for stretch mark prevention if used regularly. It has a great scent and definitely leaves you feeling silky, soft and smooth.

5. Use as a Makeup Remover

5 Ways You Would Never Think Of Using Coconut Oil

Another way you may have never thought of is to use coconut oil as a make-up remover. You would never have thought of using coconut oil to do that right? Well try it out and see! Again save more money on beauty products and cosmetics. Use everyday all natural earthly products to contribute to your health and well being. Remove eye-makeup face makeup and heavy makeup with this go-to oil that can become your new routine favorite. Make the decision now to take charge of your mind so that you can take charge of your body and use coconut oil for your first step towards success.