5 Major Health Benefits of Yacon Root Syrup

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Yacon root syrup is largely promoted as the new kid on the block for weight loss.  The syrup actually offers many more significant health benefits to those who consume it. While the western world has just been catching on to the health benefits of the syrup from the sweet potato-like tuber that is native to South America, the people from the Andes and Peru have for centuries been using it as a medicinal plant. Here are some of the health benefits you will enjoy when you consume yacon root syrup.

  • Cleanses the digestive system – Yacon is one of the highest sources of FOS (fructooligosaccharides). Some people classify it as the best source. FOS has a prebiotic effect on the gut. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria in the gut, leading to the production of probiotics. This promotes digestive health and helps to prevent yeast infections and overgrowth. According to Superfoods-for-superhealth.com, “Yacon increases the balance of friendly flora (especially the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus species) that is beneficial for a healthy colon.” Global Health Ideas, a top Amazon seller for yacon root syrup notes that, “FOS does not increase blood glucose, and helps boost your body’s metabolism. Yacon Syrup has also been shown to increase the number of healthy digestive bacteria in the colon while simultaneously reducing the population of harmful bacteria.” The more good bacteria we have in our guts, the better our rate of metabolism and the healthier we will be.
  • Relieves and prevents constipation – Yacon syrup has a very high fiber content. It is one of just a few natural sweeteners that contains fiber. This is good news for people who are usually troubled by conditions such as irregular and/or painful bowel movements, indigestion and forms of dietary fibre related digestive distress conditions. For those who have a hard time getting the required amount of fiber from fruits and vegetables, the right amount of yacon root syrup on a daily basis will supply the body with the enough fiber to ease and prevent constipation.
  • Increases bone density – Yacon root syrup helps to increase bone density by improving the uptake of calcium and magnesium. This makes it a great supplement for the aging population who are usually bothered by degenerative bone conditions such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and scoliosis. The regular use of yacon syrup will alleviate these bone density loss.
  • Helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels – Sweeteners are usually made up of short chain sugars which cause blood sugar spikes when ingested. That is bad news for diabetics, but thanks to yacon root syrup, they no longer have to worry about that happening. Yacon syrup contains longer chain sugars that are do not cause any up and down movements with the blood sugar level when it enters the bloodstream. It sweetens just as any other sweetener, minus the side effects, and has medicinal values.

Increased energy levels – This is regarded as maybe one of the most beneficial fringe benefits of consuming yacon syrup. If you suffer from fatigue, lack of energy to get through the day or just any low energy condition such as lethargy or premature exhaustion, yacon root syrup will help you overcome it all.